Presentation: Small dogs: Pack containing 4 - 150-mg tablets each. Medium size dogs: Pack containing 4 -300-mg tablets each Big dogs: Pack containing - 4 600-mg tablets each. Giant breed Dogs: Pack containing 3 -1200-mg tablets each.

Internal Anti-parasitic for canines.

Broad spectrum, internal anti-parasitic with action against resistant parasites.
Formula: Each 100 grams contains: Pyrantel Pamoate 24,17 mg; Oxantel Pamoate 23,33 grams; Oxfendazol 18,83 mg; Praziquantel 8,33 mg; auxiliary agents q.s.

Treatment of the parasites that affect dogs, caused by nematodes (Toxocara canis, Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, Trichuris vulpiscanis); cestodes (Echinococcus granulosus, Dipillydium caninum and tapeworms in general) also Giardias spp.

Administration and dose:
Administer 1 150-mg, tablet per each 2.5 Kilos of live weight
Administer 1 300-mg, tablet per each 5 Kilos of live weight.
Administer 1 600-mg. tablet per each 10 Kilos of live weight.
Administer 1 1200-mg. tablet per each 20 Kilos of live weight.
Doses of active substance per kilo of weight: Pyrantel Pamoate 14,5 mg/Kg. (equivalent to 5 mg/Kg. of Pyrantel); Oxantel Pamoate 14,0 mg/Kg. (equivalent to 5 mg/Kg. of Oxantel); Praziquantel 5 mg/Kg.; Oxfendazol 11,3 mg/Kg.
Do not administer to cats, puppies under 3-weeks old, she-cats during the first stage of gestation or during lactation or with puppies under 21 days old.

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