Basken Doble 60



Pack Containing 3 Tablets of 1300 mg each

Total anti-parasitic spectrum with one single dose intake. No collateral effects.

Oral administration, broad spectrum antihelmintic, for canines.

Each 100 grams contains: Pyrantel Pamoate 22,19 grams, Oxantel Pamoate 21,51grams, Praziquantel 7,69grams, auxiliary agents q.s.
Each 1300-grams tablet contains: Pyrantel Pamoate 288,40mg (equivalent to 100 mg of Pyrantel base); Oxantel Pamoate 279,60 mg (equivalent to 100 mg of Oxantel base); Praziquantel 100 mg, auxiliary agents q.s.

Treatment of parasitic diseases caused by nematodes (Toxocara canis; Ancylostoma caninum; Uncinaria stenocephala; Trichuris vulpis) and cestodes (Echinococcus granulosus, Dipillydium caninum and tapeworms in general) for dogs, as from the age of 21 days.
Possesses larvicide and adulticide activity.
It may be safely administered to gestating females.
Does no affect male or female fertility.
Apt for lactating females with pups as from the age of 21 days.

Administration and dose:
Administer 1 tablet per every 20 Kilos of weight in one single intake. In pups and immunosupressed animals; repeat after 15 days have elapsed since the first intake.
In case of serious trichuriasis it is recommended to repeat the treatment during 3 consecutive days. It neither requires previous nor subsequent fasting. May be administered directly or mixed with food.

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