Basken Suspension

Caninos Felinos

Palatable Suspension

15-ml flask with dosifier syringe

Total anti-parasitic spectrum with one single intake. No collateral effects.

Nematodicide antihelmíntic for pups and kittens.

Every 100 ml. contains Pyrantel Pamoate: 1,45 grams; Oxantel Pamoate 1,40 grams, auxiliary agents q.s.
Each ml. contains Pyrantel Pamoate 14,5 mg (equivalent to 5 mg de Pyrantel base), Oxantel Pamoate 14 mg (equivalent to 5 mg de Oxantel base), auxiliary agents q.s.

Treatment of parasitic diseases caused by Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati; Toxascaris leonina; Ancylostoma spp; Uncinaria stenocephala y Trichuris vulpis, in pups and kittens as from 15 days old, with larvicide and adulticide activity.

Administration and dose:
Shake well before using. Administer 1 ml per kilo of weight, as from 15 days old. Normally one single intake is sufficient to obtain de-worming. It is recommended to repeat .the dose, every 15 days, up to the age of three months old in order to eliminate adults from previous larval migrations, in existence when the treatment starts, or repeat 15 days later and continue with Basken tablets, continuing with the same plan.

In the case of serious trichuriasis, the treatment should be repeated for three consecutive days or treble the dose in one single intake. It may be administered to females during any gestation or lactation stage, while feeding young ones exceeding 15 days old. Administer directly using the attached dosifier syringe or include in a small portion of the animal’s food. It neither requires previous nor subsequent fasting. Does not affect male or female fertility.

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