Bactroflay Tags


Plastic Tags and machos (pressure fasteners)

Box containing 40 tags and an equivalent number of pressure fasteners

External parasitic. Excellent residual power.

External parasitic without restriction in beef cattle and 48 hours withdrawal period in dairy cattle.

Etión 40g %, excipient q.s. 100 g.

Control and treatment of infestation caused by horn fly in beef and dairy bovines.

Administration and dose:
Apply one tag per animal. Replace the tags every 4 months. Once this period has elapsed, it is recommended to remove same in order to avoid eventual appearance of resistant populations, as the flies would be exposed to sub-lethal doses. Apply the tags using an application pincers/clamp which must be disinfected with an antiseptic solution previous to each use.

Waiting Period:
No restriction exists in beef cattle.
Withdrawal period in dairy cattle for Argentina: 48 hours.

  • Argentina
  • Uruguay