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Spray containing 440 ml

The highest adherence cure for myiasis (curabicheras). Applicable directly into the wound without any waste.

Curabicheras. Uricide. Anti-myiasic

Every 100 g of concentrate contains : cypermethrin 1,30 grams; DDVP 1,26 grams; auxiliary agents q.s.

Kobra® preventive and curative anti-myiasic, . Prevents myiasis caused by the larvae of flies such as Dermatobia hominis, Cochliomyia spp., Chrysomya spp. and Lucilia spp. Treatment and prevention of cutaneous myiasis in surgeries such as castration, removal of tail and horns, navels of calves, cracks in hooves, wounds of any origin. Wounds in general.

Administration and dose:
External use. Shake the container several times before applying. Spray the wound or myiasis abundantly from a distance of 10-15 cm. to facilitate the penetration into the wound and borders. Repeat according to the criterion of the acting/responsible professional The number of applications, as a preventive, depends on the type of wound and environmental conditions although, in the case of myiasis of the navel, one single application is recommended within 24 hours after birth. In the case of castration wounds it is advisable to carry out two applications with an interval of 72 hours.
Waiting time:
Dairy cattle: 6 hours
Beef cattle: 6 days
The restriction corresponds to cypermethrin, due to Senasa Nº 1343/93

  • Argentina
  • Brasil
  • Perú
  • Uruguay