König S.A is a company with a trajectory exceeding 35 years within the region and whose main efforts center on research, development and marketing of new products for veterinary use. With a high degree of competency in pharmaceutical chemistry, Konig specializes in veterinary products destined to healthcare of productive animals and domestic pets as well as their environment. With healthier and more productive animals, Konig also improves human quality of life and environment. Konig´s ruling norm is to manufacture, control and guarantee quality. The outcome of their processes according to strict standards, an adequate infrastructure, high precision and the latest technology equipments invariably results in high quality products. Konig is present in almost every countries within the region, having its company headquarters in Argentina from where it plans, organizes and executes technical-commercial operations for Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, México and Venezuela. Throughout the years the proven quality and reliability of its products, efficiency and security of its industrial processes, its ethical principles and good business practices have contributed to the foundations of the prestige gained by Konig S.A. throughout Latin America.