Bovinos Equinos Ovinos Porcinos

Sterile Injectable Solution.

Vial containing 10 and 50 ml.

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The safe anesthetic. Cardiovascular stimulant.
Does not affect the respiratory system.

Dissociative-action, general anesthetic for domestic and wild animals. Ideal for emergencies and traumatisms.

Every ml contains: ketamine base (as an hydrochloride) 50 mg and vehicle q.s.

Anesthetic for use in pre-medication, induction or maintenance, alone or in association with major and minor tranquilizers, sedatives, narcotics, analgesics and other anesthetics, for all domestic and wild species.

Administration and dose:
Vetanarcol is applied through IM or IV route, as a bolus or infusion through permeable dripping.
The recommended orientative doses for IV route are the following:

Equine: 2,2 mg/Kg. (0,04 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).
Bovines: 2 mg/Kg. (0,04 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).
Ovines and goats: 2 mg/Kg. (0,04 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).
Porcines: 5 mg/Kg. (0,1 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).

The recommended orientative doses for IM route are the following: Equines: 15 mg/Kg. (0,3 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol)
Bovines: 10 mg/Kg. (0,2 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).
Ovines and Goats: 10 to 20 mg/Kg. (0,2 to 0,4 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).
Porcines: 11 to 20 mg/Kg. (0,22 to 0,4 ml/Kg. of Vetanarcol).
The doses should be regulated according to the protocol chosen, the animal’s condition and the duration of the operation to be carried out.

The use of Vetanarcol is recommended in association with other drugs to obtain an anesthetics protocol appropriate for each need/requirement, enhancing its effects and reducing secondary undesirable reactions (adverse reactions). Vetanarcol may be combined with: Xilazine (Kensol o Sedomin); Diazepam, Midazolam, Acepromazine, Barbiturates, Propofol, Narcotics, Inhalational Agents and Local Anesthetics. The combination with other anesthetics and/or tranquilizers may reduce the required dose up to 50%, depending on the protocol chosen.

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