Glypondin 4 Multimineral


Injectable Sterile Solution

Vial containing 250 ml and 500 ml.

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Injectable Multimineral Supplement.

Multimineral Supplement for bovines containing zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

Every 100 ml contains: EDTA disodic Manganese 7,10 grams; EDTA disodic Zinc 24,45 grams; EDTA disodic copper 12,50 grams; Sodium Selenite, 1,10 grams; auxiliary agents q.s.

Preventive and curative in cases of zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium deficiencies in bovines. Optimizes production, reproductive function and immune system.

Application and dose:
Apply exclusively by subcutaneous route. Apply by SC route exclusively, 1 ml. for ever 100 kilos of live weight.

Recommended supplementation program:
Bulls: 3 times per year
Beef cows: 4 weeks before service: 4 weeks before calving
Dairy cows: 4 weeks before calving:
4 weeks before insemination; 4 weeks before the dry period.
Calves: one application 24 hours after birth; one application when weaning. Heifers: every 3 months, especially before service.
Additional: every two months especially in drought situations.
The veterinarian, who is responsible for the establishment, may modify the proposed supplementation program, according to his/her professional criterion.

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